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  • We consider our partner’s products are our brands as if we were the manufacturer of these brands. Our marketing department is keeping gathering information from market, prepare plans, suggestions, updates and recommendation for the manufacturer to start discussion and negotiation, how to penetrate the market and/or keeping profitable growth. Our Partners
    Piz Buin

    An Inspiring Brand Heritage
    A mountain and a man with a vision It all started in 1938 with a mountain – and a man with a vision. Franz Greiter, a Swiss chemistry student and passionate mountaineering enthusiast, suffered overexposure to the sun while scaling the PIZ BUIN mountain. He took his experience and embraced nature’s challenge, inventing the first Sun Protection Product in 1946: a product that finally enabled anyone who shared the passion for living life in the sun to do so safely.

    Innovative protection meets glamorous beauty
    Together with his wife, Margo, a trained Beautician, Franz Greiter developed the glamorous brand that PIZ BUIN® has become today, always managing to capture the Zeitgeist*, through iconic imagery, contemporary packaging and products that have repeatedly proved to deliver unforgettable experiences. Evocative fragrances, sensual textures and great esthetics all distinguish the PIZ BUIN® experience, an experience that can only be described as inspiring and iconic. *Spirit of the time
    Jamieson Vitamins

    From our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jamieson Laboratories touches the lives of consumers around the world. Jamieson products are distributed in more than 40 countries, and we are committed to growth by exploring new opportunities for distribution, acquisition and strategic alliance. Jamieson Laboratories will bring a wealth of knowledge and international expertise to service local consumers.
    Jamieson Laboratories boasts a remarkable portfolio of 225 formulations:
    vitamins and minerals, novel nutrient formulations, nutritional food supplements, standardized herb extracts and botanical medicines, diet and digestive formulations, cosmetic and first-aid skin care, sports nutrition
    Since 1922, Jamieson Laboratories has been recognized for innovation and excellence in producing premium natural-source vitamins and supplements. Our proprietary, quality assurance protocol, 360 Pure, elevates those industry leading standards with a full-circle program that ensures Jamieson products are the safest, purest and most effective natural-health supplements on the market. Our passion for improving human wellness naturally extends to the environment. Jamieson supports a range of initiatives and groups that actively promote the environment, trees and animal welfare through public education, on-the-ground conservation and hands-on rehabilitation of ecosystems and wild species. Currently, the company donates more than 4% of its annual revenue to these causes.

    Towards health based medicine ?
    The origins of PiLeJe lie in the frustration of a general practitioner who felt that his work was restricted to the “disease-based medicine” for which he had been trained : medicine that goes into action when there is something wrong (and not medicine focusing on keeping people in good health).
    Solutions for functional disorders
    As a country doctor Dr Christian Leclerc very soon noticed that most of his patients came to see him not about an illness but about functional disorders of varying degrees of complexity (fatigue, anxiety, digestive disorders, repeated infections etc). Medical school however had only prepared him for treating illness by prescribing drugs, which in some circumstances turned out to be unsuitable and often produced unintended adverse effects.
    Along with some of his colleagues Dr Leclerc looked for solutions elsewhere, in particular by being trained in mesotherapy, osteopathy, nutrition and phytotherapy. PiLeJe was established as a result of this search for solutions that would meet the demands of patients and help them to maintain sustainable good health. The solutions had to be effective, reproducible and scientifically proven.
    Robelyn Labs Company - USA

    Robelyn Labs is a skin care company specializing in safe and effective maternity skin care products. Even though we specialize in the area of maternity our products can be used by everyone – young or old, women or men, any skin type. It is our commitment to providing quality products that enables us to create products that have universal benefits. Our corporate mission has never changed. We believe that our customers deserve the best and most unique scientifically-proven products that offer positive, real and visible results regardless of manufacturing costs. Why Robelyn Labs Maternity Skin Care products make a difference: Elastin3 is the only stretch mark (stria) treatment that combines Argireline, elastin, collagen and soy protein. All our products are safe for men and women of all ages and skin types. Our products are not tested on animals. Our products not only perform as promised, but they are completely safe to use before, during and after pregnancies. A complete line of products are offered for all your maternity skin care needs.
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    Advanced Formulations is a leading premium Cosmetics Company founded on designing and independently clinically testing products specifically designed to help protect the skin. - Each item created has an unwavering commitment to innovation - AF doesn't go to market with a product unless it has a true point of differentiation - NO "ME TOO" items - AF will clinically test everything before going to market
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    Sweet Breath

    HTI has been freshening breath for over 32 years. The company's brand Sweet Breath® has sold over one billion bottles of breath drops and sprays in the United States and in over 42 countries. As a privately held turnkey manufacturer, marketer, and distributor, HTI also manufactures store brand products in multiple categories including Oral Care, Vitamin Supplement, and OTC. Please visit www.sweetbreath.com for more information about Health-Tech, Inc.
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    REN offers the most effective way to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. It does this by giving you the best of both worlds: skincare that is formulated with cutting edge, clinically proven bio actives while at the same time being free from skin unfriendly, synthetic ingredients
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