• Medical Division
  • Medical equipment division in GT Medical had been established in Saudi Arabia as a separated company since 2004,
    • Business Development:
      As a part of the market classification and to provide the best level service to our customers, GT Medical decides to classify its business units according to our customer profession. We believe that this segmentation will facilitate us to build a long relation with our customer, to be reachable all time with the fastest answer. All this is to implement our theme Treating You With Excellence.
    • Customer Service:
      CSS department is the spine of GT Medical it is the trust builder between us and our decent customer which insures the capability of our team to serve and support the end user with his/her daily business to improve the quality and productivity of our solutions with the following responsibility:
      We are considering our stuff training and development with high attention since it’s the main factor in our success to reach our partner satisfaction. Our engineers are very well trained and they are expert in installing and implementing the whole of our provided solution to our partners.
      GT Medical has two professional application specialists who are able to train and guide the end users in their newly installed solution. Moreover as part of GT Medical commitment to our customer the application specialists are working very closely to the end user and they are supporting them at any time even if the commissioning training was conducted. Furthermore, we have an agreement with our sister institute in our holding group Dr. Samir Abbas Medical Centers to deliver the required education by their professional crew to our special customer for any new technology or new stuff from the customer side.
      The uptime for the medical equipment is an essential factor to provide the best healthcare service quality to the patient. Our engineers are very well trained to do the maintenance for our installed equipment and our service team is spread all over the three meager cities in the kingdom (Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar) to insure the best service quality with the prompt response. As a service providing company we have three different service contracts to satisfy our customer needs:
      • Full service contract
      • Labor service contract
      • Customize service contract
    • Project Department:
      According to some statistics most of the customer complain and disappointment are caused by the nonprofessional planning and execution progress of the project. GT Medical is depending on the Project Department as it’s the bond between the sales and the CSS department by providing the following services:
      We believe that the arena of the medical services became more complicated through the last 10 years in the regards of the medical technology; therefore, to offer the highest quality of diagnoses and treatment to the patient we are providing the customer with our consultation services that complies with the Saudi health authorities to choose the right practical and economical solution by our experienced team and our wide network connection with many distinguished local and international organization.
      Our project management group is knowledgeable and experienced in executing a medical project. The main goal is to execute the project within an accurate time frame and high execution quality.
      In combination of the consultation services and project execution GT Medical are providing the special site preparation service such as the ICU, CCU, Laboratory, Radiology rooms and renovation of hospital departments according to the local and the international standards.
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