• Our Buisness
    • Medical Equipments:
    • Sopro Comeg
    • Surgeries
    • RI
    • Pharmaceutical:
    • Robelyn Labs
    • Jamieson Vitamins
    • REN
    • Piz Buin
    • Pileje MicroNutrition
    • Sweet Breath
    • No Germs
    • Pharmaceutical Division consists of:
    • Marketing Dept.
    • Ethical Sales Promotion Department.
    • OTC Promotion Department.
    • Governmental and Public Prelateship Officer.
    All staff working in previous departments must hold Pharmacy Degree, from recognized school.
    In addition to previous departments there are assistant professional separated departments such as: sales collection, Store Management, Finance & accounting.
    • We work in focus concentrated pattern, not like other agents which considered colleting companies’ brands and have sole agency distribution agreements is a role and achievements.
    • We consider our partner’s products are our brands as if we were the manufacturer of these brands. Our marketing department is keeping gathering information from market, prepare plans, suggestions, updates and recommendation for the manufacturer to start discussion and negotiation, how to penetrate the market and/or keeping profitable growth.
    • we have excellent relationship with all health care professional staff among Saudi Arabia Market (all regions), especially with Dermatologists, and Ob. Gun sectors.
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